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Helping you find balance and overcome stress through lifestyle

Haelan [IPA: 'heɪlɪn] - to heal, to cure, to alleviate anxiety

Empowered - having the knowledge, confidence, ability

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Hi! I'm Lola...


I help those struggling with stress find balance through simple lifestyle tweaks. Stress can show up in so many different ways in our bodies -anxiety, mood changes, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, muscle tension, hormonal imbalance, unstable blood sugars, weight issues, just to name a few! If you struggle with any of these, I've got your back!

Working together we get to the root of those symptoms through a functional medicine and systems based approach. We target the three core components of mind, body and spirit.

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Work With Me

How I can support you:


1:1 Health Consulting

One on one consulting and coaching with personalized functional medicine testing and lifestyle recommendations to help you manage stress. With weekly sessions and check-ins and texting service for questions that come up in between sessions, we work together for a period of 3-6 months to help you meet your goals and thrive.

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Who I help...


Individuals dealing with symptoms related to stress and burnout.

Feeling wired and tired.

The smallest things trigger you and you snap at your kids or partner.

You want to do better for your loved ones.

You put everyone and everything first and feel drained at the end of the day. Life feels heavy.

You know things can be better but you don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you’ve talked to your primary care provider or have seen specialists but been told things look normal. Or they found an issue and you’ve been told you have to take medication for the rest of your life.

You know there is something deeper; you know there is a different way and you feel unheard.

I hear you! I see you! I've got you!

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I know I can help, because I’ve been where you are. Click here to learn more about my story.





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